Baruck is formed by Jose Antonio (vocalist and lead guitarist) and Nieves (Vocalist and 2nd guitar), who for their love of music joined to compose and create what we now know as Baruck. These siblings created their first album in 2010 titled: “Hasta adentro de tu corazón”, with 11 Pop Rock songs Ballad inspired by personal experiences of both composers. 

Part of Baruck’s music was influenced by many artists and icons of classic rock bands of the 90s like Guns and Roses, Gianluca Grignani, Maná, Carlos Santana, Alanis Morissette among others..

With the release of the album begins an intense tour in the main media of their country Venezuela, which ended in 2011 in Spain, a country that received them with open doors and where they were announced with their flamenco ballad called “Tu”. 

Part of this tour was filmed and shown in their second video called “Hasta adentro de tu corazón”, which shows all the experiences they lived during the tour in Spain. 

In 2012, Baruck were inspired by social events in Venezuela and decided to write a song which gives a message of hope, unity, peace, love, and forgiveness to all the Venezuelan population which was divided into two political and social groups with different interests. 

This song entitled “A song for Unity” was spread quickly through social networks by Venezuelan people thanks to its message.

BARUCK’S most recent releases have been “Romance” an instrumental love song and “Give me Your Hands” made with the purpose of raising awareness and helping displaced and homeless people.


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In a new interview for TCR Fm Ireland, Baruck had the opportunity to tell some facts about the current situation that Venezuela lives and how this could affect countries around the world…
The song to create awareness and solidarity with all the countries of the world that are fighting against abandonment, crisis, war, and abuse of power…
During 2011, after arriving from their tour in Spain, Baruck was inspired by social events in their country Venezuela and decided to write a song which they would give a message of hope, unity, peace, love, and forgiveness…
During April 9th, as a contribution to Venezuelan Unity Party (MUD) and presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, Baruck performed in the final campaign of the candidate in a show that was pleasing to the public…