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This Cookies Policy describes how cookies and similar technologies are used on our website and web properties controlled by us (for example, widgets and applications) that contain or link this Cookies Policy (said web sites and web properties are collectively and individually named as the “Site”).

By using the Site, you accept the terms and conditions of this Cookies Policy. Refrain from visiting the Site or, alternatively, disable cookies and similar technologies (as explained below) if you do not wish to store cookies or access them on your computer or mobile device.

We can change this Cookies Policy at any time. Look at the legend “LAST REVIEW” at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Any change in this Cookies Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookies Policy available on or through the Site.

What are Cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small data stored in the browser of a visitor to the site, generally used to track their movements and actions on our site. Some of these cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, others are useful because they can safely store, for example, the username or settings, including language and other utilities, such as those that no longer need to complete the same information every time you want to access a site already visited.

To obtain more information about the holders of the processing of your personal data, we recommend you read the Privacy Policy section of our site.

We use or may use cookies for other purposes, including:

  • Provide content, including advertising, relevant to your interests on our sites.

Keep a record of your preferences. In this way, we can respect your preferences, for example, in relation to viewing content and communications based on interests.

  • Conduct research and analysis to improve the content, products, and services of BKQ Productions.
  • Improves security Whenever possible, security measures are implemented to prevent unauthorized access to cookies and similar technologies.

Cookies allow you to take advantage of some of the essential features of the site you are exploring. We also specify that cookies can be:

  • 1)of “first part” when they are administered directly by the owner and/or website manager.
  • 2)”third party” when the cookies are configured and managed by managers that are not related to the website visited by the user, it is specified that the latter falls under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same operator.

Depending on how long they last, cookies can be session or persistent.

They will be session cookies if they only store data while the user is on this site. For example, session cookies are used in eCommerce to remember the products that the customer has added to their shopping cart (otherwise, the website would have been “forgotten” by the time the visitor wanted to check-out).

They will be persistent cookies if they are stored on the user’s computer for a period of time after the visit (whether minutes or years, it does not matter).

According to its purpose, cookies can be technical, personalization, analysis or advertising.

They will be technical cookies if they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the provision of the services you offer in it. For example, technical cookies are used to identify the session and keep it active, those that remember the products included in an order, those that use security elements during navigation.
They will be personalization cookies if they exist to allow the user to choose their preferences. For example, the language in which you want to see the website, the regional settings, etc.

Analysis cookies are used by the site owner to analyze the behavior of visitors. For example, analytical cookies allow you to measure from which geographical areas you visit the most, which products receive the most visits, which posts are read the longest, etc. Advertising cookies will help you manage the advertising spaces that you may have included on the web. They are cookies that store information about users based on their browsing history in order to show them advertising specifically geared to their interests.